Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Sale, Entire Month of April!!

I am putting three planters on sale this month. These are all small planters and are made with a thinner 14 gauge material steel in order to keep the prices low.
The 12"x12"x24" Tower is made without the trim boarder.

I also made some 12 x12 cubes.

The tapered planter 9.5" at the base and 12.5" at the top and measures 15" tall. The edging is 1"x 1" angle iron.

I have a couple of these in stock, but can easily make more within a couple days. Give me a call with your needs. Enjoy this beautiful time of year.

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M said...

I saw your work on Craig's List & liked the clean lines & simplicity. I am creating a haven in my backyard on a City of Austin health dept salary, so I need to work within a budget, but would like to talk about your planters & a design for an arbor to support grapevines. Please contact me. Thanks! M