Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ipe, What Is It?

Ipe (EE-pay), is a beautiful Brazillain hardwood that is an excellent choice for outdoor use because of its unique properties. Some of its highlights as follows:

1) Hardness, almost 3 times as hard as Oak

2) Decay Resistant, Rated by the US Forest Products Lab for 25 years plus.

3) Fire Resistant, has a rating of Class A by the NFPA or class 1 by the UBC

I chose this wood for it's beauty, durability and clean consistant grain. This wood is also a great product to be used decks, fencing or planters. This material does cost more than your typical cedar, but its beauty and longevity more than make up for the difference. If you are interested in learning more about this wood and its uses please contact us or one of our local suppliers here in the Austin area. It is available at both Austin Wholesale Decking and Everwood Decking