Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Planting Texas Native Plants

Many of my customers ask me about what type of plants to put in their planters. I always suggest plants that are native to the area. These plants require less water, thrive in our climate, and are available at all the local nurseries. I would stay away from the big box stores, and go to your local nursery in your neighborhood. You'll get higher quality plants, better customer service and you'll feel a sense of pride by supporting a local business.

The Grow Green Guide
Another great resource is available directly from the City of Austin website.
Grow Green Website

Native Plants = GOOD
This page is full of great resources. They list out all the native plants by type of plant, ie Trees, Shrubs, groundcover, etc.
Plant Guide

Invasive Plants = BAD
There is also plenty of documentation for plants to stay away from.
Invasive Guide

The city also prints all the pdf's in a full color document, The Grow Green Guide.

Happy Planting!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Just some more pictures

Just thought I'd throw in some pics of some of the jobs I have been working on lately in addition to all the steel planters I am building.

I had to include some pictures my son, Parker.