Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here we go...

Hey guys, I guess it's time I get this blog started.
First a little about me. I've been in Austin since 01' after graduating from Texas A&M with a Mechanical Engineering Technology degree. I've worked in and around town trying to find where I fit. I worked for the large tech companies, ie Applied Material, smaller cooler companies in the in rock concert lighting industry, ie High End Systems and Element Labs, and have labored in the construction industry as a superintendent, as well as a stint in Real Estate. My passion my whole life has always been getting right down to business and getting my hands dirty, whether it's restoring old cars or fixing up old houses.
After getting involved in the home building and selling business, I found another true passion of mine...Architecture. Clean modern lines, simple elegance, classic cues and tasteful uses of materials. I was fortunate enough to have the background to manage and build my home here in Austin. I worked with a local Architect and good friend, Bob Shelton to completely renovate the house I currently call home. You'll see some pics of it used throughout the website. I fell in love with all the wonderful landscaping in this town and decided to try my hand at all the steel work for my house.
I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, and have been trying to figure out the business that would allow me to be creative, get my hands dirty, work with people in a creative way, and most of all just have fun.
Austin Outdoor Studio came about after a series of events. My wife and I were expecting our first child and I was let go from my job along with about 30% of the company a whole 3 weeks before our son was born. I quickly contacted everyone I knew and got to work doing anything and everything I could. I found it very easy to find side work doing remodeling on houses and helping Uptown Modern, (now carrying my products) get some work done to open her second part of her store. With Jean's (owner) support I put together a few products and placed them for sale at her store. This got the wheels turning and I quickly brainstormed several products I want to develop and put together a plan so I can make this all work. I recently formed the company and am eager to get invloved in this incredible community we have here in Austin.
Definitely looking forward to it!
-Jonathan Duke

My wonderful new son, Parker and I

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Matt said...

Jonathan, Very cool stuff. I found you through Ryan's blog. I'm really liking your aesthetic. I'll keep you in mind for some custom pieces for one of my clients. -Matt Risinger Risinger Homes. Check out my building science blog at risinger.blogspot.com